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NothingFromChina, launched in 2020, aims to create a trusted B2B Marketplace where Suppliers across the world, except China, showcase their business and products to global business Buyers.

Whether you decided to look for the first job or are already helping organizations for many years, we are sure you value and place the highest emphasis on Trust and Respect in the workplace. If next on your agenda is to work with an organization where you can build and thrive on your strengths and innovate for the world, you would love to explore career options at NothingFromChina.

Team NFC thrives on five foundational pillars, viz. Trust, Respect, Freedom, Growth, and Innovation

Here are 5 reasons that can help you to hit ‘Apply Now' button.

Take pride in serving the world, when and what it needs it the most – Join for Pride

Absolute freedom to define your own work – Join for Freedom

Learning curve is essential for growth; we offer steep one - Join for Learning

Freshers or decades in industry; everyone is treated the same - Join for Respect

Be ready to pick up a broom or substitute CEO in a business meeting – Join for Challenge

And, we also have 5 reasons why you should not apply with us.

If you are looking for work that only requires looking at your computer screen

If you feel that your current employment is not paying you enough

If you want to grab some experience to flaunt in your Masters application

If you are constantly worried about work-life balance

If you feel that your current job is too demanding and are looking for something of convenience