Welcome to the Future

“KZCart aims to build a Global B2B Marketplace,
to create a strong and trusted ecosystem of Manufacturers, Customers and Trade Services
across the globe, except China,
for customers looking for wider sourcing options, and for manufacturers
intending to attain cost competitiveness while maintaining global quality standards.

We firmly believe that manufacturers across the world, apart from China, are capable of delivering cost-effective quality products to the rest of the world. This platform is built precisely to offer a level playing ground to all such manufacturers for showcasing their business and products to the rest of the world. We are neither against a race nor against Chinese people in China or abroad.

We are glad you are here, and we look forward to your support in making this world a better place to live.

KZCart Offerings

  • For suppliers - Across the world, except China

    Nurture your global aspirations

    Bring global customers to your doorstep

    Showcase your Business and Product worldwide

  • For Buyers – Across the world

    Expand your trade network, beyond China

    Find strong and trustworthy trading partners, outside China.

    Source quality Goods and Services from trustful partners, not from China

    Recent Success Stories


    Cold Room PUF panels

    Light Pole

    Poles for lighting and Pole Brackets

Business Services

Request for Quotation


Get quotations from multiple traders within your network before signing with a new vendor. Compare and choose what fits your needs and necessities the best.

Onsite Inspection and QC


Trusted QC services by authorized and certified agencies to ensure manufacturing and final product quality as per the contract and order specification.

Custom Broking Service


Get easy access to trusted Customer Broking services and also get attractive discounts and direct benefits from our empanelled partners.

Freight Services


Choose your most suitable method of freight. Get multiple options and pricing for air and ocean freight shipments.

Freight Insurance


Get compensated in case of uneventful collateral damage to the consignment during transit. Get insured against all freight related threats. Choose the policy best suitable to you from an array of options.

Tech Support


Get help with the technical aspect of getting your business online. Showcase your products to the world with best professional representation. Active and friendly customer support to make you feel comfortable as you explore unchartered territories.

Marketing & Branding


Create a unique identity for your business and ensure easier recognition by buyers. Get noticed quickly and thus get better and faster responses for your brand.

Export Promotions & Licensing Services


Avail benefits of export promotions specific to your industry and assistance with respect to the same from our qualified partners.

More to come...


Stay tuned for more services that will be aimed at making your international trade experience delightful and helping you to reduce International Trade Overheads.

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